Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Israel Attractions & More youtube channel!

'Israel's Attractions and more...', project – is on its' way: a new YouTube channel will present to potential tourists, from around the world, leading Israeli touristic attractions, in order to expose them and invite a world-wide crowd. The launching of the channel will be synchronized with the opening of the 2018 ITB, making the channel a marketing tool at the ITB – for the various attractions taking part in the project.   

In addition to the channel, known as IA&M, the project will include activities vis-à-vis media elements and channels, around the world, in order to expose the beauty of the chosen attractions, to as large an audience, as possible. At the lunching stage of the project, 10 attractions in the north of Israel were chosen, among which are prominent attractions of various kinds: a winery, a hotel, an art gallery, and more. According to the founders of the channel, in the future, more attractions will be included – suitable for the international pallet. The list includes sites spread all over the spacious northern area, offering a variety of holiday activities to visitors at the area.
The attractions included in the channel at the launching stage - Hamat Gader, with its  hot springs, spa, crocodile farms and accommodation options including a spa hotel and a tent village for families; The Hermon site located at the highest and northern most point in Israel, snowy in the winter, and offering special activities in the summer; Kfar Blum Kayaks The largest kayaking site in Israel, with rafting on the Jordan river on a variety of  routes including winter time rafting; Israel's Extreme Park - Manara Cliff and the country's longest cable car rout, extreme activities and a hospitality complex; Emek Hama'ayanot- a touristic attraction and water springs located in the Regional Council area (THE VALLEY OF SPRINGS), among which is the "Gan Hashlosha-Sahana" National Park (chosen by TIME magazine as one of the most beautiful water sites in the world) and the Springs Park; "Olive" Hotel chain-a young hotel chain nationwide; The "Mikedem Art Gallery" in Safed; The visitors' center of De Karina a chocolate boutique factory in the northern part of the Golan, exporting fine chocolate,  to various countries, around the world; Nof Ginosar Hotel - the first "kibbutz" hotel in Israel on  the Sea of ​​Galilee shore, hosting  many tourists every year; 'Bazelelt H'Golan" -a boutique kosher winery and visitor center at the Golan heights- producing the finest wines from Golan vineyards.
The channel, will offer short visually and rhythmically videos, displaying the beauty of the various touristic attractions and activities, held on each place, including contact details and other information for the benefit of the interested visitor. 


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