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Passover at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

Passover at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem
Only Cardboard
Thinking Inside the Box

New exhibition * Mazes and Boxes * Huge audience-participation puzzle exhibits * The Story of Cardboard * Cardboardella – Special Performance * Hands-on experience stands * Scientific demonstration * Building the city of the future from cardboard * 3D movie and a lot more!
March 22nd, 2018 – June 14th, 2018
photo: Idan Vaaknin

The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem continues its tradition of original and intriguing family activities. In honor of Passover this year’s family activities theme is… Cardboard!

Cardboard is much more than a box! Cardboard is a wonderful raw material commonly used in construction and creating things, including houses. A lot can be learned from cardboard about technology and innovation, engineering principles and more.

During the Passover vacation and until the summer vacation, the public is invited to a family celebration of construction, hands-on experiences, design, imagination, and fun. Visitors can enjoy the new Crazy Cardboard exhibition, ‘get lost’ in a maze made of cardboard, visit cardboard houses, build an imaginary cardboard city, participate in a surprising scientific demonstration, construct fantasy animals to take home as mementos, and enjoy a new show for the whole family.

Crazy Cardboard
Stunning and inspirational exhibition of cardboard, design, and lots of imagination. Elian (Lula) Kaczka, plastic art designer and artist, works mainly with cardboard. She develops construction techniques and methods and employs a unique and fascinating artistic language. The exhibition is composed of works of art all made of various forms of cardboard: huge structures, human figures, fantastic animals, a ball gown, and more. Kaczka uses cardboard as a sculpting material that emphasizes the contradiction between perishable, readily-available, everyday material and the classic and heavy shapes familiar from bygone eras. The exhibition includes a multi-disciplinary artistic exhibit combining light and music that give new life to the works of art, which alternate and change endlessly.

The Story of Cardboard – scientific demonstration (for the whole family)
How long does it take to ‘grow’ a cardboard box? What is a template? How many tons can a cardboard box bear? During the demonstration visitors will learn some surprising things about cardboard, including what are the traits that make corrugated cardboard the world’s most popular packing material.

Cardboard City – building a huge audience-participation cardboard exhibit (for the whole family)
Cardboard is much more than a box, it is the material dreams are made of!
Using plastic screws and tools designed especially for cardboard, visitors can build a variety of structures that they would like to find in the city of the future. We’ll build buildings in the Cardboard Court neighborhood, animals for the Live Cardboard zoo, and vehicles for the Cardboard Parking Lot.

Cardboard Animals – Make and Take (for the whole family)
Visitors construct surprising and amusing imaginary animals from cardboard. We will put together different cardboard shapes to create elephants, mice, and everything in between.

Cardbo-watch – Viewing Corner (for the whole family)
Visitors are invited to watch short movies explaining the processes involved in producing cardboard for industry, and what Israeli innovations and inventions are related to Israel’s cardboard industry.

Mazes and Boxes (for the whole family)
Take part in building a puzzle maze by connecting cactus pads to prickly pears. Visitors will build hedges serving as the borders of the maze, in which one can walk and get lost without being pricked by even one thorn…

Cardboardella – performance (for the whole family)
Original museum production in collaboration with artist and creator Anat Bosak, graduate of The School of Visual Theater. The play tells the story of Cardboardella, a girl who lives in a cardboard world. One day she receives a message that a strange phenomenon called Rain is expected to reach her world. Cardboardella immediately packs a bag and goes on a journey to save the cardboard kingdom. Cardboardella will meet strange and interesting people along the way and have strange and amusing adventures. Actors: Anat Bosak, Sivan Sheltzer-Alexandrovich (between April 1st – 7th, 2018, the play will be performed four times a day as well as on Independence Day, April 19th, 2018. The play is 20 minutes long).

Makerboard – Design project (for the whole family)
Have you even seen a house made of cardboard? Can you live in such a house? For how long?
Come and see the products of a 24-hour flash workshop (March 27th-28th, 2018). The ‘Hackathon-Makerboard’ is held in collaboration with the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s department of Industrial Design. Eight large, temporary structures were designed, planned, and built by students of the Academy’s departments as part of the ‘His Home is His Castle’ course. The course is headed by Eran Lederman who has experience in planning short-term residential structures.

Illuminating Cylinders – a design and construction workshop (age 12 and up)
You are invited to design, plan, and use a laser cutting machine to create individually designed light fixtures. The workshop combines digital planning and design skills alongside work in the Maker lab and use of the laser cutting machine. Participants will take home their creations (the workshop is for ages 12 and up at an additional cost of 20 NIS. The workshop is 1.5 hours long, limited number of places. It will be held daily at 5 pm, from March 22nd until April 7th. As of April 8th the workshop will be held at 4:30 pm on Tuesdays. For more information, please contact the Information desk).

Birds of the Sky – 3D movie
The ability to fly is one of the greatest wonders of nature. Millions of creatures soar above our heads, using an amazing variety of techniques to overcome gravity and rule their aerial environment. Yet how did animals make the extraordinary transition from land to air?
The movie Birds of the Sky uses up-to-date scientific knowledge and technological effects to discover and present the story of the evolution of flight among animals (Hebrew narration. Twenty minutes, at an additional cost of 10 NIS from age 2 and up).

The Only Cardboard event was produced in collaboration with and the support of the Jerusalem Foundation, the Hadera Paper Group (Hadera Paper, Carmel Frenkel, and Amnir) and with the help of Israel’s cardboard industry: Amiko Tube, Yamaton, Kargal, Cardboard Technologies, and Yama.

Special opening hours during Passover vacation:
March 30th, Friday, Passover evening / Seder night – closed
March 31st, Saturday, Passover & April 7th, Isru Chag: 10 am – 5 pm.
April 1st – 4th, Sunday – Wednesday, Passover, 10 am – 6 pm.
April 5th, 6th, Thursday-Friday, holiday evening and Second Passover holiday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Children up to the age of five – free. A child / adult – 45 NIS; Family ticket (parents / grandparents and all their children / grandchildren) – 160 NIS.
Prices during Passover holidays:  April 1st to April 7th: 60 NIS per child / adult. 220 NIS per family ticket.
Discounts for anyone holding a Jerusalemite resident card, soldiers, security forces, the disabled, pensioners, membership card holders.

For more information, contact Tel: 02-6544888 /

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