Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The land that yields its’ bounty- will be preserve !

Adir Winery, an Israeli, family owned winery in the Upper Galilee has joined the green environmental trend.

In the heart of the Upper Galilee, on the slopes of Mount Admon, sits the family owned winery. The Winery produce quality wines that reflect the areas' Terroir, in which the vines are grown and harvested. Adir wines, are known by their aroma, taste and body, a true gift from nature, grown with love of the earth and produced under tight supervision and commitment to uncompromising quality.
The Adir Winery aims to lead in the field of excellence, including protecting the environment, with its connection to the soil of the Galilee. The winery is owned by the Rosenberg and Ashkenazi families, who have resided at the Kerem Ben Zimra Moshav for more than three generations. Long time farmers growing various kinds of fruit, vineyards and a large goat herd. farmers of the Galilee and admirers of nature. It became clear that environmental issues must be integrated into the business. The goal of preserving nature and environmental values, ​​on which the family was raised, has become part of the daily activityof the second generation. Byproducts of the goat pen are used to fertilize the vineyards while byproducts of the winemaking process (pomace) are utilised to feed cattle. In addition, for the past eight years, green electricity has been generated, using photo voltaic panels and wastewater from the winery is broken down in a special process that does not harm the soil to which it  returns. The earth gives- the earth is rewarded back!

Green electricity
Adir Winery was one of the first to join the green environmental trend, eight years ago, with the operation of 750 photo voltaic panels installed on the roofs of the winery. This generates around 60,000 kilowatts of electricity per year enough to supply all the electricity needs for the wine and dairy production.
This trend is gaining momentum in The Upper Galilee, an area in which the preservation of natural values ​​is a guiding light for the residents and businesses elsewhere .
Yossi Rosenberg, CEO of Adir Winery, commented: "Adir Winery and Adir Dairy are based on natural yield, quality of crops and the natural resources available to us here in The Upper Galilee. The Rosenberg and Ashkenazi families are committed not only to producing excellent wine and fine goat milk products, but also to contribute to the preservation of the environment. The installation of photo voltaic panels, harnessing the solar energy and recycling our byproducts into daily use, is a way to preserve the environment in Israel, and our intention is to continue and to become more efficient and lead, in this field as well" 
Organic manure and pomace
The vineyards are fertilized with organic manure that come directly from the family owned goat pen. This is a process that reflects another aspect of sustainabilityand integration  of natural resources without using harsh industrial chemicals. The use of organic manure enables the soil to be enriched with nutrients and the potential of the fertilizer itself to be maximized. The ability to recycle, preserve the use of natural materials and conserve the resources use in chemical production, fit into the concept of combining family life ,business, love of agriculture and the land. The family members work side by side and represent these true values in their ​​daily activity. The same also applies to the pomace, the remnants of the grapes. It is used for feeding the cows and reducing excess material waste, and debris created by industrialized food production, one of the known  damaging contributers to the ozone-layer, Thus protecting the environment - have we already said?
Adir wine comes from fine Galilean soils
Adir Winery wines are made from vines grown in Kerem Ben Zimra. The vineyards were planted in the 80s and 90s in selected plots of  the Upper Galilee. Vines from these vineyards enjoy a perfect combination of fine soil and optimal climatic conditions - a Galilean terroir at its best, giving flavors and aromas world renowned. Since the establishment of the winery in 2003, the highest standards have been intergrated throughout all the production stages - from planting ,growing, thinning, harvesting , grafting, pressing from the wines aging in the various oak barrels to the bottling process, labeling and packaging. Thanks to this meticulousness, the winery has gained the status of an award winning establishment, which produces some of the best wines in Israel. Each and every bottle is an expression of the winery's commitment to wine quality, personal attention and the preservation of nature, as only a family winery can offer.

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