Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The first 100 bottles of Israel's first whiskey will be auctioned

The first 100 bottles of Israel's first single malt whisky
from The Milk & Honey Distillery - Israel's first whisky distillery
 will be auctioned off on the leading Scottish auction site
from August 11, 2017 - August 21, 2017
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After making history this past World Whisky Day by launching Israel's first-ever whisky, Milk & Honey, the first whisky distillery in Israel will auction off 100 of the first and rare bottles, produced by head distiller Tomer Goren, together with master distiller, the late Dr. Jim Swan, on the Scottish whisky auction site whiskyauctioneer

The Milk & Honey - Israel’s first whisky distillery will auction off the first and rare 100 bottles of single malt whisky in Israel as part of a global online auction that will begin on August 11, 2017 and run for a period of ten days. At the auction, the first bottles will be sold as a special edition (1-100) of the “experimental series” of the first-ever single malt whisky produced in Israel.
Israel's first single malt whisky by The Milk & Honey Distillery is the first whisky to be produced and bottled in Israel after being aged for three years in barrels. It therefore falls under the definition of whisky in Scotland and most countries around the globe. It's the harbinger of what is yet to come; special Israeli whisky that's mature for its age, thanks to aging in the warm Israeli climate. The distillation of the barrel was done at the distillery's early stages - even before it moved to its current location in south Tel Aviv, before the current industrial equipment was purchased, and before the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The barrel was distilled in January 2014 at a kibbutz in the Sharon region, by head distiller Tomer Goren, together with internationally renowned master distiller, the late Dr. Jim Swan, as part of his role as consultant to the distillery at the time. Dr. Swan, who passed away at the beginning of February 2017, never got to taste his first Israeli masterpiece. Dr. Swan was considered an international expert on production of whisky in warm climates and served as a consultant to leading distilleries around the world, including the Taiwanese brand, Kavalan.
The liquid was aged for 30 months in a new, 225-liter American oak cask and then for another seven months in an ex-bourbon barrel in the distillery's warehouse in Tel Aviv. Israel’s first whisky is, of course, kosher and in terms of its flavor, it is mature and complex for its young age. The first whisky to be produced in Israel is characterized by hints of malted barley, with soft notes of orange along with a delicate woodsy taste, cinnamon, lemon and marzipan. Flavor - light bodied, lemon and orange zest followed by the gentle spiciness of black pepper. An outstanding balance between gentle fruitiness and spiciness. Finish - long and slightly spicy, with lingering chocolate notes and delicate maltiness.
The public auction will be conducted over the well-known Scottish website whiskyauctioneer.com. Each bottle of whisky comes in a special box, is hand numbered and includes a personal parchment scroll. The remaining bottles of the single malt are currently offered for sale at select stores throughout Israel, distributed by Hacarem, with a very limited inventory.

About the distillery

The Milk & Honey Distillery is Israel's first whisky distillery. The distillery produces high-quality distillates and is working on Israeli single malt whisky that will be sold commercially, with its first edition, the founders' edition, sold entirely through a successful crowdfunding campaign and currently aging in barrels. It will be launched in 2019. All of the raw materials, equipment, barrels and processes were selected in order to ensure that the final product - be they white distillates or aged whisky - will meet the strictest and most uncompromising standards of quality and flavor, without any shortcuts on the lengthy journey until the whisky is rolled out: Training and consulting by the late Jim Swan - world-renowned mater distiller, who specialized in maturation in warm climates, equipment that was custom designed and ordered; fastidiously selected barrels; and selection of the finest raw materials available.
The Milk & Honey Distillery
16  HaThiya St., Tel Aviv, 03-6320491
For additional information: Shlomi Muenz, VP Customers, Kliger/BB&A Public Relations and Communications -

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