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La-La-LED - Chanukah at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

Chanukah at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem
Illuminated installation art in the MAKE spirit * Darkness and light tours * Construction workshop – building illuminated insects *In Another Light exhibits * Fire Salad – scientific demonstration * Lighting a musical Chanukiyah and more
Chanukah – December 14th – 20th, 2017
photo: Hadar Saifan

Children of all ages and their parents are invited to the Bloomfield Science Museum during the Chanukah vacation to enjoy a unique experience of darkness and light, with special activities and events for the entire family:

MakeLight – pop-up exhibition in the MAKE spirit
When Light Comes to Life – homage to the Museum’s Fields of Tomorrow exhibition highlighting selected works relating to darkness, life and light. These works combine contemporary art, science, and technology and were created by Israeli MAKERs, artists, designers, scientists, programmers, and technologists.
The Shadow Aspect – Ira Resnick and Talia Yanover
A colorful and interactive work of light-and-shadow installation art composed of a grid of white paper blocks lit on one side by three beams of light in primary colors: red, blue and green (RGB). On the other side, the shadow cast when a person walks past changes the color of the light reflected in the structure.
This installation art is part of a study to discover how we can change, translate or distort a person’s physical presence in space.
The Illuminated Tree – the URB Group
A huge illuminated piece of installation art built by the URB Group for the Midburn Festival - a 4 meter high tree, 10 meters in diameter, with dozens of ‘illuminated flowers’ hanging from it.
The tree serves as a microcosm in which the flowers live. Each new color indicates the creation of a new flower from an existing one, symbolizing the renewal that stems from the past. The number of flowers remains constant, so a new flower cannot appear without an old flower being extinguished. However, each new flower is a color variation of the old one, representing the continuity between past and present.

Twenty Pigeons – Alon Birger
Pigeons are an age-old symbol of freedom, peace and openness. The artist’s illuminated flock of birds attempts to generate these sensations, empowering it through light.
The Illuminated – this game of light was also created by Alon Birger. It takes place on a vast, 5 meter tall statue of a person dreaming dreams made of light. The exhibit is a form of introspective journey inside the illuminated figure’s body and thoughts, signifying man’s aspiration to achieve enlightenment and higher awareness. This piece of art expresses the contrast between the statue’s serene and static posture (the body), and the flow of light (the thoughts), a state that occurs in meditation.
The Egg – Mai Lighter of the Alon Birger studio
A giant egg throbs with illuminated heartbeats that generate a mysterious yet relaxed atmosphere, examining the influence of light and tempo on atmosphere.
Growth – a spectacular and eye-catching exhibit by Nir Amir, Inbal Yanai and John MacTaggart
Huge origami plants demonstrate how plants and flowers are attracted to light. When light is directed at the plants they are drawn to it and rise in its direction. The exhibits ‘grow’ before your eyes, rising and sinking in a spectacular, eye-catching dance.
Tours of the Museum exhibits
What do plants do at night? A tour of the Fields of Tomorrow exhibition focusing on the topic of light. Why do plants need light? What happens to plants when there isn’t enough light? Through the tour you will come to understand the importance of sunlight for plants’ existence and its significance for growth and cultivation.
Driving out the darkness! An experience-packed family tour in the In Light of Electricity exhibition, during which you will learn about the various electric lights that illuminate our lives, activate exhibits in the exhibition, and observe cool experiments.
Construction workshops, scientific demonstration and hands-on workshop
Cool insects, bees, and more – construction workshops
Cool Insects – which are the useful insects so essential to agriculture, especially as natural pollinators and disinfestors? Children are invited to design and build insects with integrated LED lights and create models of insects that react to electrical transmissions. A gift for each participant! (The workshop is for ages 6 and up). Daily from 11am.
Wings of Light – bees’ vision lies in the ultra-violet spectrum, and many flowers dependent on insects for pollination deck themselves in ultra-violet colors to attract bees to the flower stamens. The children will build a model bee and use its wings to discover new colors of light. A gift for each participant! (The workshop is for ages 4 and up). Daily from 11am.
Light Signs – children and parents are invited to design, create, cut with a laser, and create circles of LED light to create special, illuminated light signs (a guided workshop will take place once a day, parental participation and guidance required for children up to age 10. Additional 20 NIS fee). By prior coordination and registration only.
On Fire – scientific demonstration with visitor participation
How is a Fire Salad made? How are Dragon Flames created? How do magicians burn paper that disappears in the blink of an eye? Lighting underwater firecrackers; dancing, musical Chanukiya flames; and to top it off we will make a real and huge tornado of fire!
The Museum in Another Light
Have you ever visited the Science Museum in the dark? Various activity areas and select exhibits will be cast in shadow for Chanukah and illuminated with unusual lighting to transform the visiting experience.
Hands-On Workshop
Everyone is a small light – you are invited to turn on your small light and contribute to creating a collaborative exhibit which is constantly being added to and illuminated by visitors. A huge wall painting lit by thousands of colorful, twinkling LED lights.
3D nature film: Wings of Life 3D nature film by Disney. Nature is a colorful celebration inviting viewers to join butterflies, bees, bats, and birds as they fly along from flower to flower to pollinate the spectacular flowers that grow in different regions and under varied conditions throughout the world. With Hebrew subtitles (additional 10 NIS fee).
Activity days and hours during the holiday vacation:
Sunday – Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm (on Sunday, December 17th, the museum will be open!). Friday from 10 am to 2 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.
Tickets: Children up to age 5 – free. Over the age of 5 / adults – 60 NIS.
Family ticket (parents and all their children or grandparents and all their grandchildren) – 220 NIS.
Discounts: Yerushalmi card holders, soldiers, security forces, people with disabilities, pensioners, or loyalty programs.

For more details: 02-6544888,

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